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       A horribly hilarious story that happened just a few weeks ago. Why horrible? This incident was mine and every mothers' nightmare...(with the Psycho/Jaws theme on the backgound!). Now why funny? To be honest, after the incident sank inside my tired dehydrated lobe, left it in after-electric -shocked-mode for a few seconds. Then, It left me feel flatulence by laughing at it.
    My youngest kid Kent went with my mom to the public market, and stayed there at work. My kid who is five year old is used to playing around the market area, amusing and sometimes bugging the tinderas (vendors/owners), just like me when I was a kid.  My mom work as a clerk/accountant in a lending corporation for store owners.  My mom had incidentaly gave Kent a play money. The kid didnt know how to distinguish a play money from a real money or maybe the play money really looked like real, I am not sure. Kent was playing with another batang palengke (kids who grew up or used going around the market place). (Nightmare on Elm's Street theme song on the background) the two kids suddenly disappeared. After a few minutes the police was alarmed and everyone was looking out for them. The other boy's mom was already crying and panick began attacking everyone. Then out of the distance, the two boys appeared...behind them ...was the supervisor of Liana's Supermarket.
     The Lianas supervisor asked the adults, "Are you the guardians of these kids?" So to make the story short, the two boys went to Lianas, across the public market.... with the play money, picked up a robot toy and went to the cashier to pay. The staff reported the kids to the supervisors and the supervisor paged for the companion of the two. I can just imagine the faces of the poor innocent little rascals I guessed they were  a little bit humiliated, shocked, worried, and most of all clueless! 
     Yes I was devastated but I just cant help to crack out of laughter whenever I imagine the two little innocent boys in the line of the cashier, with their toy and play money! If only I can ask for a video and look at the faces of everyone around the kids. I bet they were also laughing hard on that one...bloopers!
   me and my kent


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